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Expedition training days.

The basis for the expedition training days is about preperation training for your "adventure". 

Your adventure may be to some far away place or walking the South West Coastal path. The basics are really the same with the emphasis on personal equipment/kit/packing and carrying this kit!

Advice and help on:

  • Kit selection and cost.
  • Equipment options and needs for adventure. 
  • Navigation requirements.
  • Route considerations.
  • Hydration options.
  • Food options.
  • Physical expectations.
  • Campsite considerations.
  • Tent selection.
The advice and help that you require may be more about me giving you feedback on your own mini adventure, so you can make small changes to improve.


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Spain 2015
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Expedition days

Expedition days


Expedition days.For up to 6 persons . Total cost £200.00 per day (For Group) Kit provided at additional cost or bring your own.